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Crystal Bowl Alchemy

As an artist and a steward to the frequencies of Sophia here on Earth, I take great care to align myself only with tools, instruments and creators that resonate with the most authentic frequencies of love and clarity. 

You may have noticed the exquisite crystal chalices and singing bowls I utilize in my practice, or perhaps you're looking for the tool to take you into the next phase of your expression and prayer. 

I whole Heartly share here the magic of Sonic Love Alchemy and the unmatched medicine of visionary songstress and guide, Amma Sophia Rose.

Together with myself, and many gifted artists Amma Sophia is creating crystal chalices, bowls, sound and alchemical tools in codes and vibrations for every goddess expression of the Great Mystery.

Please explore her website and enjoy this unique discount code for $195 off your orders!



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