Majority of works are custom made - if you do not see what you're looking for on Etsy, Please contact directly for orders. 

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invocation of gratitude

I offer my heart and prayers to the four elements and seven directions 

To all seen and unseen guardians, ancestors, guides and energies of higher love.

Gratitude for this way of being - for the relationships and opportunities we are blessed to encounter along this beautiful path. Gratitude to the Plant Teachers for protecting and illuminating our hearts, minds and spirits. Gratitude to the Elders that have walked before us, and the generations that will follow.  Gratitude to the Holy Mystery that moves all things, giving us each the gift of being creators ourselves through art, craft, sharing, and expression.

Thank you Holy Mystery for blessing me as a conduit of sharing what has been shared before along the path, in my own way, from my own experience. 

It is my prayer that the art I create & the frequency I weave honors, touches and inspires to others to explore their own multifaceted roots & personal connection to the Source.
May we take courage to heal ourselves, our relationship with the Planet, courage to celebrate, to honor one another & all life on Earth.

Blessings and Enjoy!

-Cady Jeanelle


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