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invocation of gratitude

I offer my heart and prayer forwards and backwards and to the Seven Directions.

To the seen and unseen Ancestors, Guides and Wisdom keepers of fundamental Nature- 

I honor and give thanks to the ancient and living Ancestors of the Land which I am allowed to live and create from.
I honor and give thanks to the Indigenous lineages and Peoples of this precious Turtle Island.

Gratitude to our Teachers and Elders for tending to, and sharing with immense grace, the path of Good Relationship and How to Give of Oneself.

Gratitude to the Plant Medicines and the Animal Relatives for your gifts - for continually opening my heart and revealing the endless potential of Creation and the Holy Mystery that moves us.
Thank you for making a way for the awakening of the Two Legged People. 
Gratitude to the Shekinha,  the Mystery,  the Beloved - to my Husband and to my own Mother and Father.

As an Artist - may I be a hollow bone, an open window through which Truth and Beauty flows.

It is my prayer that every Intuitive Creation or Artwork I offer- may manifest and inspire the unnamable presence of Goodness and Wholeness in the lives around me. 
May we take courage on this Path. The strength to discipline the mind, to practice patience and kindness.

May we learn to Open the Heart again and again.
May we fiercely cultivate Right Relationship with our Mama Earth, those that have come before us and those that will come after.  
Thank you from my heart of hearts thank you!

~Cady Jeanelle



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