Cady Jeanelle
Visionary Artist + Intuitive Channel


Welcome! I am so grateful you're here.
My name is Cady Jeanelle - 
Truthfully I find labels a bit uncomfortable, because we're never just one thing - but I'm making my offerings as a Visionary Artist, Ceremonial Weaver, Intuitive Channel, Business Owner, Student and Medicine Woman.


I encourage Self Sourced Inspiration, Earth Centric Awareness, Connection to one's own Ancestral lines, and a grounded approach to the Ascension Journey.

I offer sacred tools, instruments and artworks to accompany a life of conscious development and service.
My Intuitive offerings are intended to expand on the visions and information I receive as a way of harmonizing the vibrational currents within and around us.
Each piece is lovingly made with devotion, offerings and careful observation of the interconnected dynamics at play.


 I draw guidance from years serving as a student of the traditional spiritual paths of Turtle Island and years of intensive Plant Medicine Work alongside my elders and adopted family.
Because of their immense kindness and openness, I've received the gifts of daily practice, service to community, and deep listening as keys to reclaiming harmony and balance within the body, mind and Spirit.

I live in Austin Texas with my Husband Zachary and our two kitty cats. 
I travel throughout the year to follow the Medicine and to be in Service as musician, tattoo artist, workshop facilitator and much more. 


We are currently visioning the reality of owning many acres of land in the Central Texas region for environmental preservation, ceremonial freedom, food sovereignty, and communal living. 

I'm simply delighted to be in your presence and grateful to step forward on the path together! 

May we walk in beauty!

All my Relations.