Cady Jeanelle
Visionary Artist + Intuitive Channel

Welcome friend - I am so grateful you're here.
My name is Cady Jeanelle - 
I'm a Visionary Painter, Ceremonial Artisan, Healing Arts Facilitator, Business CEO
and Medicine Woman currently living in Austin Texas. 

I encourage Self Sourced Inspiration, Earth Centric Awareness, Connection to one's own Ancestral lines, and a grounded approach to the Ascension Journey.

We are the Light manifest into Form - a Dream of the Creators-
 I believe it is an honor and a sacred responsibility to fully live in unison with the Earth at this time.

I offer sacred tools, instruments and artworks to accompany a path of Nature Based Spiritual development.
Each piece is channeled with intention, devotion, offerings and careful observation of the interconnected dynamics at play.

 I draw guidance from years serving as a student of the traditional spiritual paths of Turtle Island and years of intensive Plant Medicine Work alongside my elders and adopted family.
Through their example, I teach integration, daily practice and service to community
as keys to reclaiming harmony, health and balance.

In my heart I am a warrior- yet also an alchemist, weaver, seer,

lover, daughter, sister, and eternal student of the Holy Mystery. 

I am delighted to be in your presence and grateful to step forward on the path together! 

May we walk in beauty.

All my Relations.

Thoughts, questions?
Let's Connect.
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