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Visionary Artist + Intuitive Channel


Hello, thank you so much for being here.

My name is Jeanelle.
 I was born in Austin, Texas, and raised in great part by the sacred rivers and springs, juniper, sage, oak, deer, hawks, coyote, snake, and songbirds of all kinds.

This land of hill country is a magical region on the cusp of the desert, and is the traditional lands of the Coahuiltecan, Comanche, and Tonkawa People. 

I'm a full-time Visionary Craftswoman, Tattoo Artist, Graphic Artist, Trained Shamanic Facilitator, Musician and a Practitioner of Internal Martial Arts.

My path as a Mystic was obvious from very young. 

Art and reading were the only things I wanted to do when I wasn't exploring the woods and rivers around my childhood home. 

Communication with the plants and the unseen was second nature, never taught- and as I aged my past life memory and psychic ability began to open.
A deeply sensitive child, trauma and abuse from the ages of 5 - 11 prepared me for the initiation into a life practicing altered states of consciousness.
Without an elder to guide me in the tribal initiation that would be appropriate for a budding Seer, in my teens I crafted my own death and rebirth initiation through intense self destructive behavior of drugs, partying  and all that comes with it. I felt that I was misplaced from time, born in a culture deaf and blind to the Spirit and I was determined to find my Source, fully expecting to be dissolved in the process.
At 18, after being unwilfully medicated through various institutions and rehabs, most of my teens, I found myself living alone, sober and exhausted. 

Seeking some resonant truth, some thread to bring me out of the hell I was in, I discovered a local Hindu Ashram where for the first time in my life I received a spontaneous Kundalini awakening while meditating in front of a Divine Altar that electrified my entire being, piercing directly through my heart and my crown.


After that, though I didn't have the language for it yet, 

I devoted myself totally to the Beloved.

I saw my path of previous lives and the path ahead,
the seed of Liberation through Spiritual Warriorship, was set aflame in my heart.

From here I devoted most of the days of the week visiting the Ashram, practicing meditation and ravenously studying the ancient texts on Yogic philosophy. 
I felt I was ready to take vows as a devotee, (like a monk) renouncing earthly comforts and focusing only on Seva (service) and study.

But shortly before this I was invited to attend my first Inipi (sweatlodge) ceremony.
For the second time my life was dramatically altered as I experienced a second unexpected, electrified awakening. 


Within a single year I was fully initiated into the Red Road Way of Life through Lakota Sundance Ceremony, Native American Church and other Lineages of Plant Medicine Work. Overcome with gratitude and belonging, I was fully absorbed and adopted into these communities who have now become my family, my teachers, elders and friends.

Today my work as an Artist and a Steward of Spirit continues within the Sundance Way, the Peyote Way, the Medicine path of the Dietero, as well as studies within the Internal Martial arts of Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, and Sacred Union.

My life's prayer is to be a clear and whole channel of the Divine,
inspiring and awakening through beauty, heart and service to the greatest good.


I carry the gifts Vision and Alchemy of Consciousness,

and as I learn to Master these gifts responsibly and clearly, I find deep peace and personal healing in being in love with the Beloved, in all Her forms,

surrendering again and again to the path at hand.

I am so grateful to be alive, and grateful to the Plant Teachers and the Indigenous Teachers that have given me the Key to Remember.

I currently live in Austin Texas with my husband Zach and our two kitty cats.


Desert Nature
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