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Visionary Artist + Intuitive Channel


Jeannelle's path into the mystic realms began first in childhood as psychic ability and past life memory.  She showed a natural aptitude for art of any kind and a potent imagination.
At the age of 18 Jeanelle suddenly chose to become sober after most of her teenage years spent in substance abuse and trauma.
She immersed herself fully into the study of Hindu Yogic texts and an absorbative meditation practice. At the age of 19 she was adopted into the Lakota Red Road life way. She remains deeply immersed in the ceremonies and traditional teachings of her elders and community to this day.

In 2019 Jeanelle entered an initiation of self-healing Autoimmune Disease.
Through meditation, diet, yoga and extensive plant medicine work, Jeanelle healed what was said to be unhealable. In this she discovered an unwavering dedication to Spiritual Warriorship, humble service to Life, and personal mastery.

Jeanelle is a full-time visionary craftswoman, graphic designer, tattoo artist, trained shamanic facilitator, musician and a practitioner of Qigong and Yoga. 

 Jeanelle teaches Visual Art, Elemental Yoga, Nervous System healing, and Service in Community as paths of awakening.
Along with her husband Zachary, they humbly hold Cacao Rituals and other private works in Austin, Texas where they live with their kitty cats and art studio.



"Ultimately, my work and my life are an offering to the Great Mystery.
An offering to the divine intelligence of the Feminine in Nature.
It is my way to say 'thank you for this Life,

please use me to further create beauty and healing in some small way

with the time I've been given.'

I practice, and teach, deep listening and the many layered path of Spiritual Warriorship -
illuminating a grounded, holistic, relational based world view.
The view that we are not individual beings, but part of a sentient greater whole,

and that this world is a precious living gift, eternally pointing us towards what is real."

Jeanelle - Salvo

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