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The body is a temple.

Tattoo Arts are returning to what they originally were - a practice of self-love, sovereignty and beauty -

a practice that absolutely does not need to hurt or take weeks to recover from.

 Traditionally utilized in shamanic cultures across the globe, tattooing is an opportunity to create sigils of protection and invocation as well as marking rites of passage. 

I professionally apprenticed for two years with machine-style tattooing but ultimately left the industry due to the toxic energy of the environment.

Recently I have been called to offer my services as a tattoo artist once again, but this time incorporating 9 years of service and study within ancestral wisdom traditions, sound/frequency healing, Plant Medicine and the Initiatic Arts.

I offer custom channeled designs that will be appropriate for the hand poke style with Professional, Organic,

Plant Based Inks. 

As part of your private tattoo ceremony, I weave song and sound in a shamanic frequency clearing/alignment to gently open the subtle psychic bodies to receive your new sacred markings. I guide recipients in crystalizing intention and prayer, while holding dedicated space for emotional release and subconscious repatterning. 

Ritual Tattoo

Xamanismo Luz de Surya_edited.jpg

Available Designs
Please DO NOT take artwork to different artist. All content is legal intellectual property of Cady Jeanelle


"Cady is a true Medicine Woman, and she offered me the most potent ceremonial experience of sound healing, sacred art channeling and ritual tattooing. I really felt transported as soon as I entered her space and felt so deeply the sacred space that she creates. There is a unique depth and mastery to her work, and I feel so honored to have spent time with her. From the very beginning of our connection, I could feel her intention, heart, and presence with me. She worked with me to channel a deeply meaningful tattoo for what I've been moving through and who I'm stepping into. Then the actual ceremony was so beautiful, and I'm grateful to have this art with me forever. A lot has shifted in me energetically since receiving this on my body and I owe that to Cady's intention + honoring container. Thank you so much."
-Bethany W.

"Every single thing in this tattoo has a meaning to me. With the help of Cady, I was able to bring my vision to life after almost 2 years of planning & patiently waiting for the right time to arrive.

Thank you Cady for your dedication and artistry.

This wasn't a trip to a tattoo parlor because I wanted something private & very special. A rite of passage. This was an intentional ceremony curated from beginning to end by Cady & I to symbolize my journey of death & rebirth over the past few years of my life.


I couldn't be happier with the process and finished product."


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