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The Grove itself is both a physical and internal place - offering seekers of freedom a passage into Nonlinear Consciousness, serving as the Threshold, the Compass and the Canoe in the Voyage of Initiation. 


In the tradition of our ancestors, we flow in rhythm with the Seasons, the Elements and the Seven Directions.

This autumn we are Calling on the Water, our First Mother,

the Direction of the West and all the Medicine that lives there.

From the bubbling crystalline spring of the innermost heart, to the deep well of the Womb, we as women hold the key to life, to knowledge, and transformation. 

As we Enter into the Grove, we allow nature’s pulse to guide us underground into our Roots, listening for the deeper memory held within stone and bone.

Here you are given an opportunity to attune to deep stillness and openness - both within and without.

 This is a time of refinement, rest and inward journeying –

as we travel inward and downward, we nurture the seeds of our intentions, our visions, our dreams...

Like the Lotus from the mud, we anchor in the cool, deep waters, rising with the Dawn.

As a Hoop of Wise Women, we learn to tap the spring of our own heart and tend to the

intelligent waters of our womb.

We refine our innate ability to listen deeply and see clearly, honing our tools as initiates on the Priestess path. 

We remember ourselves as communal beings – a flock of birds, a Grove of Trees,

 a Hive of honeybees, humming the song of Creation.   

Lifting the veil of the collective dream, we Enter the Grove as beloved daughters, as mothers, as students,

gardeners, as navigators, as seers, as weavers of Light.


May peace reign, and may wholeness 

bloom in the hearts of all who Enter the Grove.

What to Expect

  • Bridging into Unity Consciousness - From the “Me to the We"

  • Cha Dao Tea Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Ancestral and Healing Rituals

  • Accessing Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness via song, mantra and drumming

  • Small, intimate group, no more than 11 participants and your two facilitators

  • Discover and Manifest Community - Soul Led Service - Creativity - Devotion

  • Daily Sadhana practice of Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, or Guided Meditation

  • Opening portals of Internal Vision through Yoga Nidra and Trance Journeying

  • Connecting to the feminine non-linear timelines of the Elementals, Star Nations and Deep Earth

  • Visionary Art Class, Round Table Venusian Arts Transmission

Hill Country Nature Retreat Center

A fully off grid event space located deep in the hills near the Blanco River, about 1 hour outside of Austin Texas.

Built entirely from reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials, we chose this land to be sanctuary to the Grove for its close relationship with the elements, nature and spirit of grounded wakefulness. 
A space to relax, heal, and attune to the original rhythm of nature.

Enter the Grove.png
Enter the Grove.png



Solo Campsite

Pack it in pack it out!

Bring your own tent and camping gear to stay close the Earth and in your own space. 


Communal Tipi

Experience the magic of dreaming in an authentic plains tipi, shared with 6 other women, this is the opportunity to make connections of a lifetime by sharing space close the earth and elements.

Rugs, cots and glamping setup is provided.

Bring your own bedding.

Hill Country Nature Retreat Centre-23.jpg

Private Indoor

Choose from the Solo Studio or the Sky House - enjoy your own private indoor space or bunk with a roommate for discounted rates. Elders & Moms with children under 5 years old are welcome with first choice. 

This retreat is intentionally close the Earth. We will be spending the majority of our time outside or in a covered/open space. Rain or shine we welcome the elements and will adjust accordingly. There is an exquisite onsite bathhouse and communal kitchen where our private chef will serve 3 locally sourced, organic, ayurvedic meals per day. Vegetarian and Vegan options are included. 

Your Guides

Jeanelle Salvo

Jeannelle's path into the mystic realms began first in childhood as psychic ability and past life memory. At the age of 18 she immersed herself fully into the study of Hindu Yogic texts and an absorbative meditation practice. At the age of 19 she was adopted into the Lakota Red Road life way. She remains deeply immersed in the ceremonies and traditional teachings of her elders and community.
In 2019 she entered an initiation of self-healing Autoimmune Disease.
Through meditation, diet, yoga and extensive plant medicine work, Jeanelle healed what was said to be unhealable. In this she discovered an unwavering dedication to Spiritual Warriorship, humble service to Life, and personal mastery.

Jeanelle is a full-time visionary craftswoman, graphic designer, tattoo artist, trained shamanic facilitator, musician and a practitioner of Qigong and Yoga. 

 Jeanelle teaches Visual Art, Elemental Yoga, Nervous System healing, and Service in Community as paths of awakening.
Along with her husband Zachary, they humbly hold Cacao Rituals and other private works in Austin, Texas where they live with their kitty cats and art studio.

Find her on IG as @cadyjeanelle

Alexandra Crow

 A devoted student of Life and humble servant of Creation, Alex’s passion and service has been centered within the healing arts since 2011 upon being introduced to the life-way of yoga.  What started as a personal healing journey to mend the accumulated trauma of 20 years of high-level dance training, transformed into a life path that has drawn her into many realms of continuous study, self-cultivation and devoted service.  Alex is honored to be a certified Yoga Therapist through the government of India, Shamanic Ritual Facilitator, Frame Drum Artist, Qigong & Martial Arts Practitioner, Body Worker blending Craniosacral & Energy Work, and devoted student and practitioner of Cha Dao, “the Way of Tea”.  Alex currently holds Tea Ceremonies and Body Work sessions in her home temple tucked into the beautiful Hill Country of Texas which she shares with her beloved Greg, their newborn son Ash, her mom and her rambunctious pup.

Find her on IG as @groundedcrown 

alex crow_-258.jpg

Daily Flow

Schedule is subject to change depending on group's needs.

Participation is not a requirement for any event.

Visionary Artist Mentorship Contract.png
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Untitled design (11)_edited.png

The Guides



Registration closes October 31st

Payment Plan Options are Available until October 1st

Solo Camping :: $1,100

Tipi Camping :: $1,100

Indoor Lodging Options
Private Studio Room :: $1,200
Sky House :: $1,300

Reach out directly to your guides to discuss payment plan options or arrange for a roommate/child.

Opening Rituals and Gifting

4 nights & 5 days in beautiful off-grid accommodations

11 organic meals prepared with love

3 morning movement/meditation practices

8 workshops and ceremonies

Sacred Cacao and Tea Medicine

Song Class and Group Studybook

A closing Integration Circle

1:1 integration support with Alex and Jeanelle

First access and discount to the ongoing feminine mystery school,

The Grove.

Access to Group WhatsApp Council
Sacred Songs and Playlists

What you Receive

Let's Connect

Enter the Grove.png

Reach out to Jeanelle or Alex with any questions you may have about the inaugural 4 day retreat, or enrollment in their ongoing

Feminine Mystic Arts School,

The Grove.

Thank you for reaching out - we'll be in touch soon!

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